If you have been wondering what Chemo Sensitivity testing is and if can help you in your treatment…let’s find out.

Chemotherapy is the centerpiece of many cancer treatments and brings much physical and emotional upset.  Chemotherapy is not always as effective as it should be as what works for one person doesn’t always work for another person. This is why Chemo Sensitivity testing is so important. It can detect the resistance of cancer cells before the start of treatment which will help to prevent ineffective chemotherapy treatments.

Chemo Sensitivity testing tests (as opposed to predicts) various drug choices on the tumor in the lab, and suggests which drug or combination of drugs will actually work on YOUR tumor tissue. Choosing the right chemotherapy or drug is critical to get on the right treatment plan and avoid unnecessary toxic side effects (when prescribed a chemotherapy that the tumor may be resistant to).

Chemo Sensitivity testing typically tests 7 to 21 chemo therapeutic agents / combinations. Your results are usually received within 7-14 days and you can use these results to have a discussion with your oncologist to help with your treatment plan.  Testing can cost around $5,000 and is not covered by insurance, but the results you get can save you time and lots of unwanted side effects if the right drug or combination of drugs is found to work on YOUR cancer cells.










Am I a good candidate?

Every patient can benefit from knowing how chemotherapy will affect their tumor before consenting to treatment. After all, there is nothing more disheartening than enduring the toxic side effects of chemo only to discover the cancer has not responded.
More specifically patients:
– with aggressive disease or disease of unknown origin
– with advanced stage cancer or metastasis
– where the cancer has recurred
– whose cancer is not responding to traditional treatments
– with multiple treatment options
– experiencing too many side effects from my current treatment
– being told that there are no other treatment options available to me that have or (or think they may have) developed resistance to their current treatment

Chemo Sensitivity testing uses LIVE tissue. So, if you were ever wondering if there were any uses for your tumor tissue at the time of your surgery or biopsy, there is!  It is also the very reason your tissue should never be discarded and you should find a place that can store (cryopreserve) your tissue for you so that you have as many treatment options as possible. When you cryopreserve your tissue, the cells stay alive, which makes it possible to do this type of testing.

Being able to personalize your treatment is key!!

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