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Cryo-preservation, advanced analysis & immunotherapy.

Your Tumor is Required to test which drug/combination is most likely to work, and for immunotherapy (treatment that activates your immune system to fight your cancer).

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Tumor Preservation

Your tumor is preserved in multiple formats for further study, immediately or at a later time. It is ideal for every cancer patient. Learn more about Tumor Preservation.

Chemo Sensitivity Testing

Tests which chemotheraputic agents will work on the tumor from day one, and which will not. Learn more about Chemo Sensitivity Testing.

Genomic Profiling

Identifies mutations on your tumor that help your oncologist prescribe targeted drugs based on your tumor's profile. Learn more about Genomic Profiling.

Drug Screening

Tests chemotherapy agents and tens of additional experimental and immunotherapy drugs to find the right combination for a particular tumor. Learn more about Drug Screening.

Personalized Vaccines

Immunotherapy to treat developed cancers (as opposed to preventative). It educates the immune system to attack your cancer cells. Learn more about Personalized Vaccines.

Adoptive T-Cell Therapy

Immunotherapy approach that attempts to boost the natural ability of the patient’s T-cells (killer cells) to attack and fight your cancer cells. Learn more about Adoptive T-Cell Therapy.

StoreMyTumor is the leader in private tumor collection, processing, and storage services.

Our objective is to help you maximize your time in remission and live longer.

Our Services. What Can You Use Your Tumor For?

Tumor Preservation

(Step 1)

Preserve your cancer cells/tissue (in multiple formats) for advanced testing and study (immediate or at later time).

Advanced Testing

Personalized Chemo/Drug Therapy

Test and prioritize which chemo/drug/combination your tumor will most likely respond to before taking it.

Targeted Therapy (Genomic Testing)

Identify drugs/experimental drugs that target biomarkers on your tumor.


Personalized Vaccines

Activate and awaken you immune system to fight your cancer from within and in parallel.

Adoptive T-cell therapy

Boost and strengthen the natural ability of your T-cells (killer cells) to attack and fight your cancer.

What others have to say about StoreMyTumor

At the time of surgery no one thinks about the tumor specimens, but they are very important because they can be sent to various labs for analysis to determine the best chemotherapy treatments for them as well as having samples available for ongoing immunotherapy trials or ones that may become available at a later date.

I highly recommend the use of StoreMyTumor to every patient!

– Pam Duffy

When I was diagnosed, I was overwhelmed and left the important details to my Dr., but he didn’t tell me about tumor preservation.

Now, facing a
second surgery, I want to make sure to harvest tissue for more current immunotherapy treatments.

Every woman should be given this choice, because there are no do-overs.

– Judy McCann

I preserved my tumor for a specific clinical trial, but as I was waiting for it, I was disqualified. I was devastated at first, but thankfully learned that the same treatment was available in Germany.

My son made sure I had sight-seeing adventures every day after my treatment was finished. We had a great time!! Thanks for making this happen!!

– Carrie Gillotte

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