Educational Videos

IMMUNOTHERAPY (Cancer Vaccines)

Dr. Lana Kandalaft, immunologist, describes a clinical trial involving a two-step immunotherapy approach to ovarian cancer treatment.

(Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes – TIL’s)

Dr Steven Rosenberg from the National Cancer Institute, describes gene therapy to create cancer-fighting cells.


Ryan Kuper, cancer patient, and Dr. Robert Nagourney discuss how studying the behavior of Ryan’s tumor helped identify “the right drug” and saved his life.

(Genetic Sequencing)

UCSF lung cancer researcher, Trever Bivona, explains how genetic sequencing allows pairing of a cancer drug to a specific mutation, increasing effectiveness with less toxicity.

(Tumor Graft)

Dr. Justin Stebbing, oncologist, explains how mouse tumorgrafts help determine personalized treatment for cancer patients.

Learn why you should store your tumor and what your options are.

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