Free Comprehensive Tumor Profiling with Every Stored Tumor

* available for US patients that have health insurance only *

Your cancer is unique. Your treatment should be, too.

Through our partner Tempus, we offer a comprehensive genomic profiling (DNA, RNA, etc. a targeted panel of 648 genes). This next-generation sequencing test identifies specific alterations that may drive the behavior of your cancer. This information helps your physician optimize a course of treatment based on your unique cancer.

Who's a Good Candidate for Genomic Profiling?

Genomic profiling is available to every patient who has any type of cancer. More specifically to patients:

• with aggressive disease or disease of unknown origin

• with advanced stage cancer or metastasis

• where the cancer has recurred

• whose cancer is not responding to traditional treatments

• with multiple treatment options

• experiencing too many side effects from my current treatment

• being told that there are no other treatment options available to me

• that have or (or think they may have) developed resistance to their current treatment

Frequently Asked Questions


Tumor is Required for Genomic Profiling

Tumor preservation is exactly what it says. During surgery, the tissue (or fluid) from your tumor are preserved for further study (immediately or at a later time). It is ideal for every cancer patient, but especially those who are interested in drug screeningchemo sensitivity testingpersonalized therapeutic vaccines, or adoptive t-cell therapy.Personalized medicine starts with the understanding that no two cancers are the same. All tumors are unique and must be treated as such.

For those who are just beginning their treatment journey, tumor preservation can help an oncology team determine the most effective treatments for their cancer before introducing medications that have toxic side effects and may not work. It can also identify experimental therapies that are outside of the standard of care that may be more effective than traditional treatment methods.

For those who are in the midst of a frustrating and ineffectual battle with cancer, tumor preservation offers access to the best and most advanced technologies in the world, that are often beyond chemotherapy and radiation – treatments like drug screening and cellular immunotherapies.

 Is Tumor Preservation Right for Me?

Tumor preservation is available to all patients, and is especially recommended for patients that:

• want to find out which drug or cocktail is best for their cancer

• have not responded to their treatment

• have an aggressive disease or disease of unknown origin

• are experiencing too many side effects from their current treatment

• are interested in exploring cellular immunotherapy

• are being told that there are no other treatment options available to them

• have (or think that have) developed resistance to their current treatment

• want to take more control of their treatment

• want to keep all future treatment options open

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