There are ways different drugs and treatments can be used on your cancer cells (in the lab) and pick ones that work. This is called drug testing …

What is it? Drug testing tests (as opposed to predicts) various drug choices on the tumor and in the lab, and suggests which drug or combination will actually work.

Picking the right chemo or drug is critical to get on the right treatment plan and avoid unnecessary toxic side effects (when prescribed a chemo that the tumor may be resistant to). Similar to Chemo Sensitivity, but tests hundreds of drugs including: chemo therapeutic agents, targeted drugs and immunotherapy drugs.

Example of typical results 

Questions it typically answers

  • Which chemo therapeutic agent or drug is my tumor most likely to respond to

  • Which one of the thousands of drugs out there may work on my tumor?

  • Is there a certain cocktail of drugs that may work better than the standard?

  • Can you confirm that my tumor will respond to the selected treatment before I start?

  • Am I really resistant to this treatement?

What drugs and combinations are tested 

  • Single FDA-approved anticancer drugs (small molecules) for all cancers FDA-approved drug combinations for all cancers

  • Novel drug combinations with FDA approved drugs

  • Selected drugs currently tested in clinical trials

  • Selected combinations with one FDA-approved drug and one drug in clinical trial


Because it requires live tumor cells/tissue, and if you have not made arrangements at the time of surgery or biopsy to preserve them AND in a sterile and specific format and under specific regulatory over-site, then this option is not available to you. Also because it is experimental.  If you have a surgery or biopsy coming up, schedule your FREE consultation today with our Patient Advisor to help get this process started

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